physics Quiz
Question Number 1
what does R,I & V stand for
A. resistance
B. current
C. voltage
D. A,B & C the right answer
E. who care
F. none
Question Number 2
charged objects_____neutral objects.
A. repel
B. attract
C. neutral
D. both of A& B
E. both of C&B
F. none
Question Number 3
Identical charged objects_____________each other
A. attract
B. neutral
C. repel
D. both of A& B
E. Both of A & C
F. none
Question Number 4
some pairs of non-identical charged objects ____________ each other.
A. none
B. both of E& F
C. Both of F&D
D. neutral
E. attract
F. repel
Question Number 5
some pairs of charged objects ______ each other.
A. repel
B. attract
C. neutral
D. none
E. Both of A & B
F. Both of B & C
Question Number 6
Any two charged objects that attract the same charged material,will __ each other.
A. Both of D & E
B. none
C. both of F& E
D. neutral
E. attract
F. repel
Question Number 7
what does conductors mean
A. metal life
B. something
C. electrical energy easily
D. none
E. a material that tramits thermal energy
F. Both of E & C
Question Number 8
what does insulation mean
A. computer
B. laptop
C. none
D. material that resists
E. block the flow of electrons though it
F. Both of D & E
Question Number 9
what is law of attraction & repel state
A. unlike charges attract each other
B. like charges repel each other
C. Both of A & B
D. magnets
E. None
F. theories & laws are cool.
Question Number 10
what does study of static electricity mean
A. an imbalance of electric charge
B. the law of electric charges
C. balloon rubbing head & touch something
D. Both A & B
E. balloon rubbing to your arms
F. balloon rubbing to your legs
Question Number 11
what does rubbing two object & what does electron do
A. who care & just science
B. science in phyics mode
C. gain charge
D. rubbung a balloon to your sweater
E. stuff of electrons that is cool
F. Both of C & D
Question Number 12
when two object are rubbing & what does protron do
A. science stuff that creepy
B. cool topic (not)
C. none
D. both of E & F
E. a balloon to a wall
F. attract to it
Question Number 13
when two objects rubbing together & what does neutral do
A. it a subject i have to take
B. science is cool
C. none
D. Both of E & F
E. same amount of protron & electrons
F. balloon before touch your sweater
Question Number 14
what the resistance formula in a series& parallel
A. S:rt=r1+r2+r3
B. P:rt=r1+r2+r3/1
C. math forlmula
D. who care
E. Both of A&B
F. i hate this
Question Number 15
what is the current of series & parallel formulas
A. S:IT=I1+I2+13
B. P:IT+I1+I2+I3
C. both of A &B
D. i hate memories things
E. math is sucks
F. none
Question Number 16
what is the voltage of series& parallel formula
A. S:VT=V1+V2+V3
B. P:VT=V1+V2+V3
C. both of A & B
D. math is awesome subject
E. memories is a beast of life
F. math& science are my favourite classes