check out your command over the Funny Language! Quiz
Question Number 1
'2nd August is when the great soul of Gandhi left for the heavenly detour' is an example of which of the following?
A. Personification
B. Pathetic Fallacy
C. Simile
D. Euphemism
E. Litotes
Question Number 2
which of the following words means the opposite of ' being pious or believing that God exists'
A. antagonist
B. atheist
C. athiest
D. pscychopath
E. savage
F. hypocrite
Question Number 3
choose the synonym of 'chic' from the following-
A. stylish and fashionable
B. a young woman
C. a maiden
D. a small chicken
Question Number 4
which of the following pairs of words are homophones(homonyms)?
A. coma-comma
B. hart-heart
C. been-bean
D. dirt-durt
E. car-care
Question Number 5
which of the following statements is CORRECT?
A. This book was found in the cupboard of me and my friend.
B. "I ain't not going near no dead body." said Bosely
C. Uneasy lies the head wears the crown which.
D. To who does this book belong to?
E. he writes beautiful and ornamental poetries.
F. The work of adding fuel to fire gotta be done by him.
Question Number 6
" These grapes________ sour." choose apt verb(s) and fill in the blank.
A. are tasting
B. taste
C. tastes
D. was tasting
E. will be tasted
Question Number 7
' i expected you to be a nice man, nevertheless, i was wrong." which word in this sentence is a preposition?
A. nevertheless
B. no word.
C. a
D. nice
E. to
Question Number 8
which of the following best explains the meaning of the proverb " Fine feathers make fine birds"
A. a person who dresses well and has good manners is considered to have a good character..
B. birds must have cean feathers to fly high.
C. character is the key virtue in life.
D. life is all about being an ornithologist.