Are you really that GENIUS? Quiz
Question Number 1
Who discovered the Nucleus of an Atom?
A. Ernest Rutherford
B. E.Goldstein
C. Neils Bohr
D. J.Chadwick
Question Number 2
Which of the following plant is an angiosperm?
A. Cycas
B. Marchantia
C. Ipomoea
D. Chara
Question Number 3
Which section is known as- The Amphibians of the Plant kingdom?
A. Gymnosperms
B. Bryophyta
C. Cladophora
D. Thallophyta
Question Number 4
Who gave the three Laws of Motion?
A. Galileo Galilei
B. J.Chadwick
C. Stephen Hawking
D. Issac Newton
Question Number 5
The first law of motion also gives the definition of.......
A. Force
B. Inertia
C. Mass
D. Momentum
Question Number 6
KWh is the unit of........
A. Electricity
B. Kilo Watt Hour
C. Energy
D. Power
Question Number 7
What is the audible range of hearing for an average human being?
A. 20Hz-20kHz
B. 1Hz-100kHz
C. 40-400kHz
D. 2Hz-1200kHz
Question Number 8
Who discovered Vaccination?
A. James Prescott
B. Edward Jenner
C. Taylor Shutzenfestenstien
D. Kim Jong Il
Question Number 9
Which organism is responsible for sleeping sickness?
A. Leishmania
B. SARS virus
C. Staphylococci
D. Trypanosoma
Question Number 10
Who discovered the Neutrons of an atom?
A. James Prescott
B. J.Chadwick
C. E.Goldstein
D. Ernest Rutherford