The grand geo quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
Which of these cities has the most population today?
A. New Delhi
B. Seoul
C. Shanghai
D. Tokyo
E. Mumbai
F. London
Question Number 2
In which city would you find the Victoria Terminus?
A. London
B. Manchester
C. Jersey City
D. Rome
E. Sydney
F. Mumbai
Question Number 3
What is the capital of Federated States of Micronesia?
A. Palikir
B. Tbilisi
C. Port Louis
D. Kingston
E. Micronesia City
F. Baku
Question Number 4
Which city is famous for it's Star Ferry?
A. Bangkok
B. Panjim
C. Luanda
D. Venice
E. Hong Kong
F. Sendai
Question Number 5
Which city according to the 2011 figures has the most number of skyscrapers?
A. Seoul
B. Sao Paulo
C. New York City
D. Hong Kong
E. Shanghai
F. Sydney
Question Number 6
Which city by 2030 will have the world's tallest building?
A. Jeddah
B. Abu Dhabi
C. Seoul
D. Mumbai
E. Tokyo
F. Guangzhou
Question Number 7
In which of the following suburbs of Mumbai would you find the world's tallest residential tower in near future?
A. Bandra
B. Worli
C. Kandivali
D. Borivali
E. Ghatkopar
F. Goregaon
Question Number 8
Which is the world's fastest growing city at present?
A. Surat
B. Seoul
C. Guangzhou
D. New York City
E. Shanghai
F. Melbourne
Question Number 9
In which country would you find the city of Pottuvil?
B. France
D. Sri Lanka
E. Maldives
F. Afghanistan
Question Number 10
Which of these cities is famous for it's subways?
A. Sydney
B. Kansas City
C. Indianapolis
D. Los Angeles
E. Toronto
F. New York City