Paul's Gospel Quiz
Question Number 1
Paul the Apostle said that we have to be established according to...
A. Peter's Gospel
B. Matthew's Gospel
C. Luke's Gospel
D. His own Gospel - Rom 16:25
Question Number 2
Which letter/book in the New Testament was the first one to be written?
A. Matthew
B. Revelation
C. Galatians and 1 Thessalonians - Paul
D. John
E. James
F. 1 Corinthians
Question Number 3
What is Paul's Gospel based on?
A. The Old Testament Law
B. Peter's understanding of Religion
C. He heard it from another Apostle?
D. A hidden mystery from before the world began (Rom 16:25)
E. James
Question Number 4
What did Paul say about his own faith?
A. He said that he had to have lots of it.
B. He said that he really had to work at it.
C. He had to pray more and more.
D. He said that it wasn't even his own faith - Gal 2:20
Question Number 5
Why did Paul say that it was HIS GOSPEL?
A. He was being arrogant.
B. He received it straight from the Lord as a revelation of a mystery - Gal 1:12, Eph 3:3
Question Number 6
Did anyone else receive this revelation before Paul?
A. Yes, all the Apostles knew about it.
B. No, Paul was the very first person since the beginning of the world - Eph 3:2; Eph 3:5,6,9
Question Number 7
What does it mean to "rightly divide the word of truth"? 2 Tim 215
A. It means that we can freely mix LAW and GRACE. (Mixture)
B. Jesus of Nazareths' ministry was to everyone, not just to Israel. (Matt 15:24)
C. The Gospel of Grace was given to us to follow by the Apostle Paul (Eph 3:2)
Question Number 8
For a long time, Peter stuck with a LAW GOSPEL (putting law onto believers)
A. Yes, it was called the Gospel of the circumcision. (Gal 2:7)
B. Paul was upset with Peter about this. (Gal 2:11)
C. All of the above
Question Number 9
Paul said that if any man preached any other gospel than the one he preached, he was accursed.
A. No, any gospel is fine because it is the bible.
B. Yes, Gal 1:6, Gal 1:8,9 - Even an angel would be accursed.
Question Number 10
What was the main theme of Paul's Gospel?
A. You have to keep the law or part of it.
B. It is law and grace mixed together. (Co-mingling)
C. It was the whole bible which is all for us.
D. It was only about Jesus dying on the cross for us.
E. It was - CHRIST IN ME (Gal 2:20)
F. It's not important, as long as you are a Christian.
Question Number 11
What was Paul determined to do when he was with the Corinthians?
A. He wanted to baptize all of them
B. He wanted them to all join a church
C. He wanted them all to tithe
D. He was to determined to preach nothing else, but CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED
Question Number 12
According to Paul's Gospel, In Christ...
A. there are only Greeks (Gentiles)
B. Jews are totally seperate (an independant Israel)
C. It really does't matter
D. IN CHRIST, there is NEITHER JEW NOR GREEK. We are all one. (Gal 3:28; Col 3:11)
Question Number 13
Christianity is...
A. Going to church regularly
B. Submitting somewhere
C. Working very hard for God
D. Praying a lot
E. All of the above
F. Understanding that Christ lives in you. (Gal 2:20)
Question Number 14
In Him, you are complete (finished, fulfilled, satisfied, verified, supplied)
A. No, there is still a lot you have to do.
B. We will never be complete till we die.
C. Yes (Col 2:10)
D. No, you have to be a good Christian.
Question Number 15
According to Jesus in John 16:13, 14 and John 15:26, the Holy Spirit will...
A. Speak mainly of Himself
B. Glorify Himself
C. Testify of Himself
D. Only speak of Jesus, glorify Jesus and testify of Jesus
Question Number 16
The Holy Spirit (John 16:13) and the Spirit of Christ (Rom 8:9) is the same person.
A. Yes, they are the same person
B. The Holy Spirit reveals and births Christ in you (John 3:5,6) and operates in your soul and understanding.
C. The Spirit of Christ is joined with your spirit and he is the incorruptible seed (1 Peter 1:23) and now lives in you as you (Gal 2:20)
D. B and C are correct.