Bahamian History Quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
Which was the first political party ?
Question Number 2
Who was the First Royal Governor of the Bahamas
A. Black Beard
B. George Phenny
C. Woodes Rogers
Question Number 3
When was the war of Independence
A. 1961
B. 1775
C. 1992
Question Number 4
Who was President of the Nothern States ?
A. Jefferson Davis
B. Abraham Lincoln
C. Robert Lee
Question Number 5
What kind of Government is the Bahamas
A. Republic-Monarchy
B. Dictatorship
C. Democratic-Monarchy
Question Number 6
Who came to the Bahamas for Religious freedom ?
A. The Loyalist
B. Arawaks
C. Eleutherian Adventures
Question Number 7
Who is the author of the Bahamas "Pledge of allegiance"
A. Hervis Bain
B. Gail Saunders
C. Phillip Rahming
Question Number 8
Where were slaves sold in Nassau?
A. Balcony House
B. Vendue House
C. Church House
Question Number 9
who introduced Sponging in the Bahamas ?
A. Jaan Norte
B. Andrew Deveax
C. Gustave Renaurd
Question Number 10
What is the arawaks leader called ?
A. Cacique
B. Zemi
C. wale