math genius Quiz
Question Number 1
what is the surface area of a sphere that has a diameter of 4cm?
A. 41.2
B. 50.1
C. 50.3
D. 49.9
E. none of the above
Question Number 2
A cone has a radius of 3cm and slant height is 12cm. What is its height?
A. 11.6
B. 9.2
C. 8
D. 7.3
Question Number 3
7x + 8 = 23 + 13x. What is THE VALUE OF X
A. 2.179
B. 1.07
C. 1.23
D. 2.09
E. 0.89
Question Number 4
what is a rational number
A. A number that can be written as an irregular fraction
B. A number that can be written a simple fraction
C. A whole number
Question Number 5
write the following decimal number as a fraction: 1.73737373
A. 99/72
B. 31/28
C. 73/28
D. 98/54
E. none of the above