did u know Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the capital of england
A. tokyo
B. london
C. belgium
D. arusha
E. luxembourg
F. mombassa
Question Number 2
what is the worlds largest rainfall
A. angel falls
B. sahara desert
C. amazon rainforest
D. mozambique
E. boomerang express
F. satisfactory
Question Number 3
what does a barometer measure?
A. wind direction
B. temperature
C. air pressure
D. daily rainfall
E. wind speed
F. hurricans
Question Number 4
how many types of rainfalls are there?
A. 8
B. 7
C. 5
D. 2
E. 9
F. 3
Question Number 5
what is a coast?
A. where candy meets toungue
B. where rocks meet city
C. where land meets sea
D. where water meets bottle
E. where plants erode
F. where rainbows start