Parid's Quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
What is the capital of Albania?
A. Berat
B. Roma
C. Tirana
D. Tokyo
E. Brazilia
F. Beijing
Question Number 2
What is the population of Albania?
A. 1.5 Million
B. 6.5 Million
C. 19 Million
D. 3.2 Million
E. 25 Million
Question Number 3
Which Albanian city has the biggest population?
A. Tirana
B. Berat
C. Elbasan
D. Vlore
Question Number 4
Which Albanian city got the largest port?
A. Tirana
B. Durres
C. London
D. Milano
Question Number 5
In which continent is Albania placed?
A. Europe
B. Asia
C. North America
D. South America
E. Africa
Question Number 6
What currency is used in Albania?
A. Euro and Leke
B. U.S Dollar and Euro
C. Canadian Dollar and Leke
D. New Taiwan Dollar
Question Number 7
How big is Albania approximately?
A. 95,000 square kilometers
B. 28,000 square kilometers
C. 45,000 square kilometers
D. 41,000 square kilometers
Question Number 8
How much is 1 Lek worth if exchanged in Canadian Dollars?
A. 0.9 $
B. 1.3 $
C. 0.7 $
D. 1.2 $