quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
what the capital city of israel?
A. tel aviv
B. toronto
C. jerusalem
D. new york
E. narnia
F. gfdgfdgrdg
Question Number 2
how live in israel?
A. israeli people
B. hebrow people
C. canadian people
D. unicorn
E. french people
F. dinosurs
Question Number 3
what is the official language in israel
A. israels
B. english
C. french
D. hebrow
E. spanish
F. gdhfghgfhf
Question Number 4
which contry is the neighbor of israel
A. canada
B. china
C. lebanon
D. unicorn land
E. wonderland
F. spain
Question Number 5
what continent israel is
A. europe
B. asia
C. africa
D. australia
E. america
F. meadleast
Question Number 6
what is the fevorite food in israel?
A. pizza
B. falafel
C. cake
D. banana
E. shawarma
F. people