biology Quiz
Question Number 1
Which is not an RNA nucleotide?
A. Adenine
B. Thymine
C. Uracil
D. Guanine
E. Cytosine
Question Number 2
What states that purines have equal amount with pyrimidines in the DNA structure?
A. Kirchoff's rule
B. Koch's postulates
C. Chargaff's rule
Question Number 3
Which of the following is the smalletst?
A. Organ
C. Quarks
D. Atoms
E. Tissues
F. Systems
Question Number 4
It is thing that makes an organism react?
A. Homeostasis
B. Stimulus
C. Impulse
D. Tropism
E. Adaptation
Question Number 5
What is the correct sequence?
A. Metaphase>Anaphase>Telophase>Prophase
B. Telophase>Anaphase>Metaphase>Prophase
C. Prophase>Telophase>Metaphase>Anaphase
D. Anaphase>Metaphase>Prophase>Telophase