Algebra 8 Quiz
Question Number 1
what is n 2n x 12= 48
A. 2
B. Goku
C. Peach
D. 2
E. 4
F. 8
Question Number 2
12z x 9 =
A. 216
B. 216
C. Super Mario
D. 216
E. Super Saiyan 4
F. 216
Question Number 3
is 12z x 12c x1 =129758 correct?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Yes
D. No
E. maybe
F. LLoyd
Question Number 4
What is algebra?
A. A math equations with letters
B. an equation with letters
C. A branch of mathematical statements to desribe relationships between thing s that carry over time with variables
D. a type of math