Harry Potter Quiz
Question Number 1
What was Harry's Middle name
A. Wales
B. Borge
C. Morga
D. James
E. Toll
F. Dit
Question Number 2
Who was Harry's first friend?
A. Hermoine Granger
B. Lord Voldemort
C. Severus Snape
D. Dumbledore
E. Ron Weasley
F. Draco Malfoy
Question Number 3
Who was the daughter of Ron and Hermoine?
A. Lily
B. Rose/Rosie
C. Janice
D. Mike
E. Edward
F. Johnny
Question Number 4
Who was the author of Harry Potter novels?
A. Taylor Swift
B. Mariah Carrey
C. Roald Dhal
D. Lisa Papademetriou
E. Nancy Krulik
F. J. K. Rowling