Horror movies! Quiz
Question Number 1
Who is the killer in Halloween?
A. Freddy kruger
B. Chucki
C. Michael Myers
D. Leatherface
E. Alien master
F. Face killer
Question Number 2
Who is the killer at the end of Scream 4?
A. Sydney
B. Nickki
C. Emma
D. Jill
E. The cop
F. Jill' friend
Question Number 3
Who is the creator of many horror films such as The children of the corn or Carrie?
A. Richard davis
B. Stephanie myers
C. Cathrine woodrick
D. Stephen king
Question Number 4
What is Leatherface's weapon?
A. A knife
B. His fists
C. A gun
D. he doesn't have one
E. Leatherface isn't the killer
F. A chainsaw
Question Number 5
In Carrie what is Carrie's power?
A. She doesn't have one she is lame
B. Um her beauty!
C. Her gun
D. She freezes people
E. Teckinal powers