mlb Quiz
Question Number 1
which team was brian wilson on in 2011?
A. bosten red sox
B. my butt
C. sf giants
D. la dodgers
E. yankees
Question Number 2
which of these players are not a catcher
A. russel martin
B. mike napoli
C. buster posey
D. matt wieters
Question Number 3
which of these players are not a pitcher?
A. mark burlie
B. atle hammaker
C. rey sanchez
D. hommer bailey
Question Number 4
which of these teams won the world series in 1999
A. New york mets
B. Los angeles angels
C. california angels
D. New york yankees
E. Arizonza diomandbacks
Question Number 5
which team has not won a world series for a long time?
A. Seatle Mariners
B. Los Angeles Angels
C. Chicogo cubs
D. Bosten red sox
Question Number 6
who is the worst mlb player
A. Rickey mohanty
B. Babe Ruth
C. josh hamilton
D. mike m]napoli
Question Number 7
are you cool
A. f
B. no
C. g
D. r
E. mohany