The structures of the atom Quiz
Question Number 1
The charge of nucleus is:
A. zero
B. negative
C. positive
D. both A and B
Question Number 2
Elements in groups (5,6,7) are called:
A. noble gases
B. non-metals
C. alkaline metals
D. metals
Question Number 3
The main elements that are found in human's body:
A. (C , O , H , K , P)
B. (C , O , Na , Au , H)
C. (C , O , H , N , Ca)
D. (C , O , Ca , S , H)
Question Number 4
One of the following is true about an element isotopes.
A. have the same chemical properties
B. have the same neurons number
C. have the same physical properties
D. have different number
Question Number 5
The small particles of an element are:
A. molecules
B. atoms
C. compounds
D. mixtures
Question Number 6
In the mixture:
A. substances easily separated
B. no energy change
C. no chemical change
D. all of the above is true
Question Number 7
one molecule of water H2O contains
A. two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen atom
B. two oxygen atoms and one hydrogen atom
C. two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom
D. two helium atoms and one oxygen atom