ayush uiz Quiz
Question Number 1
With how many speed penguins swim ?
A. 5 kph
B. 12 kph
C. 34 kph
D. 15 kph
E. 20 kph
F. 23 kph
Question Number 2
Which is the only rock that floats?
A. Granite
B. Limestone
C. Conglomerate
D. Gypsum
E. Pumice
F. Gneiss
Question Number 3
The hole in the volcano is called ___________ .
A. Magma
B. Lava
C. Vent
D. Vulcan
E. Chamber
F. Both C & D
Question Number 4
Which is the upper most layer of atmosphere ?
A. Ionosphere
B. Troposphere
C. Stratosphere
D. Both C & E
E. Ozone Layer
F. Mesosphere
Question Number 5
Which is the most easiest crater on Moon to locate from the Earth ?
A. Gales
B. Copernicus
C. Calvins
D. Kelper
E. Armstrong
F. Netosta
Question Number 6
The joint at feet is which type of joint
A. Ball and Socket
B. Pivot
C. Hinge
D. Fixed
E. Immovable
F. Gliding