The Westing Game Quiz
Question Number 1
Who faked his own death?
A. Jake Wexler
B. Dr Deere
C. Sam Westing
Question Number 2
What was Jake Wexler's profession?
A. Ornithologist
B. Podiatrist
C. Salesman
Question Number 3
What was Turtle's real name?
A. Tania
B. Trudy
C. Tabitha
Question Number 4
The theme of disability relates to which character?
A. Doug Hoo
B. Chris Theodourakis
C. Barney Northrup
Question Number 5
Who is a thief?
A. Mrs Hoo
B. Angela Wexler
C. Julian R Eastman
Question Number 6
What does Turtle take into the Westing mansion for protection?
A. A pool cue
B. Her mother's silver cross
C. Garlic