Question Number 1
An ecosystem is a level of organization that includes_____________.
A. living and decaying substances.
B. different poulations living in the same place.
C. natural resources.
D. evaporation,transpiration,condensation.
E. both living and non-living things.
F. releasing carbon dioxide.
Question Number 2
Name the 2 process order involved in recycling water back to the earth.
A. condensation and precipitation
B. evaporation and transpiration
C. steam and oceans
D. rain and snow
E. runoff and ground waters
F. none of the above
Question Number 3
What is the breaking down of substances into simpler substances?
A. combustion
B. decomposition
C. respiration
D. photosynthesis
E. c and d
F. none of the above
Question Number 4
___________________is the only process that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
A. nitrogen
B. combustion
C. evaporation
D. photosynthesis
E. a and b
F. none of the above
Question Number 5
The nitrogen cycle is the process by which____________________.
A. nitrogen is recycled through nature.
B. burning a substance with wood or gas.
C. releases carbon dioxide.
D. precipitation occurs.
E. c and d.
F. none of the above.
Question Number 6
Plants take in _____________during photosynthesis and release________.
A. air,sugars.
B. carbon dioxide, oxygen.
C. respiration,evaporation.
D. water,carbon dioxide.
E. nitrogen,water.
F. none of the above.