B i o Quiz
Question Number 1
A children want to calculate population of grasshoppers in the land.In frist experiment,he got 50 grasshoppers and any of them marked .And in second experiment,he got 420 grasshoppers with 20 grasshoppers is marked.What is population of grasshoppers in the land?
A. 20
B. 50
C. 70
D. 420
E. 450
F. 1050
Question Number 2
An experiment boy do experiment in many biomes in the world.She take picture of the plant in the biome.But,she forgot what plant in the biome.Which one is false?
A. In grrenland - Sphagnum
B. In Iran - Cactus
C. In Japan - Ginkgo
D. In indonesia - Rafflesia
E. All false
F. All correct
Question Number 3
There is a victim in the lake.Known that there is big food in the stomach.The death time is
A. Less than 4 hours when detected
B. More than 6 hours when detected
C. Between 4-6 hours when detected
D. Less than 4 hours after murdered
E. More than 6 hours before murdered
F. Between 4-6 hours from eat