headbonker Quiz
Question Number 1
which horizon ofthe soil is the darkest?
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
Question Number 2
Fauna in science represent
A. living organisms in the soil
B. plants in the soil
C. nutreints
D. pesticides
Question Number 3
which part of the soil transports water to the leaves
A. stem
B. crown
C. leaves
D. roots
Question Number 4
Which would you consider most suitable for growing rice
A. sandy soil
B. loamy soil
C. clayey soil
D. artificial soil
Question Number 5
An example of nitrogen fixing plants is
A. yam
B. beans
C. rice
D. cereal grains
Question Number 6
the part of the bony fish used for forward movement is the
A. dorsal fin
B. foral fin
C. caudal fin
D. pelvic fin
Question Number 7
the best method for separating a mixture of sand and salt is
A. add water,stir,filtrate,boil to evaporate
B. add water,filtrate,sediment,distill
C. allow to settle, filtrate,boil
D. wash,drain,dry,sort
Question Number 8
the digestion of starch starts from the
A. mouth
B. stomach
C. gullet
D. liver
Question Number 9
which of the following has the smallest bone
A. hands
B. feet
C. head
D. ear