science brunda Quiz
Question Number 1
which of the bird fly backword?
A. humming
B. woodpakker
C. duck
D. crow
E. egale
F. vulture
Question Number 2
where do birds live?
A. river
B. zoo
C. nest
D. lake
E. pound
F. ocean
Question Number 3
the scientfic study of plant life is known as what?
A. photosythesis
B. stomata
C. leaves
D. stem
E. botany
F. root
Question Number 4
the process of plant using energy from sunlight to turn carbon dioxide into food is known as what?
A. stomata
B. shoot
C. tap root
D. photosynthesis
E. fiber root
F. botany
Question Number 5
the movement of pollen from the anthers to the stigma of the flower is known as what
A. dust
B. pollination
C. tip
D. resin
E. rain
F. pigment