medical therapeutics Quiz
Question Number 1
What was the name for removing part of the brain to exorcise demons performed by tribal doctors?
A. exorcise
B. incision
C. trephining
D. removal
Question Number 2
Who were the earliest people to keep accurate records?
A. Chinese
B. Eqyptians
C. Greeks
D. Europeans
Question Number 3
What did Hippocrates base his knowledge on?
A. How he felt
B. observation
C. old health records
D. dissection
Question Number 4
Hippocrates found that disease was not caused by:
A. sewers
B. sanitation
C. supernatural force
D. vaccines
Question Number 5
The Greeks observed and measured disease and found that, disease was caused by
A. physiology
B. vaccines
C. taking too many showers
D. lack of sanitation
Question Number 6
Hippocrates wrote the standard of ethics which is called the:
A. standard of care
B. Hippocratic Oath
C. patient bill of rights
D. Public Healthcare
Question Number 7
What discovery was made to help control disease such as smallpox, syphilis, tuberculculosis?
A. dissection
B. physiology
C. vaccines
D. epidemics
Question Number 8
What is an epidemic?
A. Bacterial infection
B. A vaccine
C. Pretending to cure disease
D. Diseases affecting many people