Henry VIII Break From Rome Quiz
Question Number 1
Who was Henry VIII?
A. King of Scotland
B. King of Denmark
C. King of Ireland
D. King of England
Question Number 2
How many wives did Henry VIII have?
A. one
B. eight
C. six
D. four
Question Number 3
Which one of these is not a reason why Henry broke from Rome?
A. He did not want to pay the church
B. He wanted to divorce and remarry
C. He wanted to be the pope
D. He wanted the bible in English
Question Number 4
Why did he want to divorce Catherine of Aragon?
A. As she was too old to have a son
B. She was ugly
C. She wasn't good at cooking
D. He didn't like her hair
Question Number 5
Who did Henry want a divorce for?
A. Katherine Parr
B. Jane Seymour
C. Katheryn Howard
D. Anne of Cleves
E. Anne Boleyn