Physical Science (9) Quiz
Question Number 1
Which is not a physical change?
A. Melting
B. Burning
C. Freezing
D. Cutting
Question Number 2
How do particles move in a solid
A. Fast
B. Medium
C. Vibrate
D. They do not move
Question Number 3
Action-reaction force is
A. Newtons 3rd Law
B. Boyle's Law
C. Newtons 1st Law
D. Charles' Law
Question Number 4
Why do astronauts seem weightless in space?
A. There is no gravity
B. They are in free fall
C. They have less mass
D. The suits allow them to for safety reasons
Question Number 5
If you push on a wall
A. It moves in that direction
B. It is too heavy to move
C. It pushes back
D. It does nothing
Question Number 6
What's the difference between velocity and speed?
A. Velocity is compared to mass
B. Velocity is direction
C. They are the same
D. Speed is faster
Question Number 7
What is moving energy
A. Potential energy
B. Work energy
C. Power
D. Kinetic energy