Brain Drain Quiz
Question Number 1
What is another name for the eardrum?
A. beat
B. tympanic membrane
C. ossicles
Question Number 2
Who discovered gravity?
A. Neil Armstrong
B. Albert Einstein
C. Isacca
Question Number 3
How many layers does the eye have?
A. 6
B. 3
C. 2
Question Number 4
Place where the baby grows and developes is_________
A. womb
B. vagina
C. vulva
Question Number 5
Igneous Rocks ate rocks of
A. water
B. earth
C. fire
Question Number 6
Matthew is 12 5ears old. What stage of development is he?
A. manhood
B. adolescent
C. puberty
Question Number 7
Another name for the pinna is the
A. oricle
B. earflap
C. All of the above
Question Number 8
Name the primary colours of light.
A. red, yellow, blue
B. blue ,green, red
C. white, black red
Question Number 9
Malcolm ate a pear for lunch. What nutrient did he obtain?
A. vitamins
B. protein
C. carbohydrates
Question Number 10
True or False. Light can travel through a vacuum.
A. True
B. None
C. False