Martina's review quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
Who invented the telephone
A. Sir Norman Manley
B. Sir Alexander Bustamante
C. Sir George Lee
D. Sir Graham Bell
Question Number 2
Which part of the sugar cane do we usually eat?
A. stem
B. leaf
C. root
D. bud
Question Number 3
For the plant to make its own food,which of these lists of things is needed?
A. light, water, heat
B. mineral, iron, light
C. air, heat, mineral
D. air, water, light
Question Number 4
The movement of bones of the body is controlled by the _______ system
A. skeletal
B. nervous
C. muscular
D. circulatory
Question Number 5
Which of the following joints allow circular movements?
A. ball and socket joint
B. hinge joint
C. gliding joint
D. pivot joint
Question Number 6
Barometer is to air presseure as decibel is to _______________
A. intensity
B. density
C. pitch
D. waves
Question Number 7
Which of the following terms best describes gravity?
A. pressure
B. force
C. energy
D. work
Question Number 8
The diseases beriberi and scurvy result from a deficiency of:
A. minerals
B. vitamin
C. protien
D. carbohydrate
Question Number 9
Which organ of the body does the work of filtering the blood?
A. kidneys
B. lungs
C. skin
D. heart
Question Number 10
The MOST LIKELY place to find a fossil is in :
A. rocks
B. sea
C. plants
D. animals
Question Number 11
Different organs that work together are called __________________
A. brain
B. system
C. cell
D. tissue
Question Number 12
The biceps and triceps muscles bring about__________________
A. similar movements
B. opposite movements
C. relaxation
D. contraction
Question Number 13
Melanin controls the _________________ of hair and skin.
A. colour
B. length
C. growth
D. firmness
Question Number 14
A body system which transports blood is called the __________ system.
A. digestive
B. respiratory
C. skeletal
D. circulatory
Question Number 15
Clouds are formed when water vapour _________
A. warms up
B. feezes
C. evaporates
D. condenses
Question Number 16
A poison hat kills insects is called:
A. spray
B. antibiotic
C. fertilizer
D. insecticide
Question Number 17