Grammar Quiz
Question Number 1
What is verb?
A. Are words that tell the name of people , place or things
B. Is the action word in a sentences
C. A word that tell more about noun
D. Are words that are opposite
Question Number 2
Which of these word is noun?
A. An
B. See
C. Raghad
D. Use
Question Number 3
Which of these word is correct ?
A. Goegrahpy
B. Georghayp
C. Geography
D. Georagyph
Question Number 4
The word beautiful is : .................
A. Adjective
B. Verb
C. Pronoun
D. Abbreviations
Question Number 5
What mean discover ?
A. Tidy
B. Joy
C. Start
D. Find
Question Number 6
What is the plural of bush?
A. Bushs
B. Bushes
C. Bushess
D. Bushees
Question Number 7
Which of these is abbreviation ?
A. Lion
B. Dr.
C. Went
D. Us
Question Number 8
I have fife ----------- and they have blue and green eyes.
A. Homes
B. Beds
C. Sisters
D. Doors