Religious Edcation Quiz
Question Number 1
In which religion is music NOT an essential part of worship?
A. Christianity
B. Islam
C. Hinduism
D. Judaism
Question Number 2
This word is actually an acronym for the three major divisions of the Hebrew sacred writing.
A. Nevi'im
B. Torah
C. TeNaKh
D. Kethuvim
Question Number 3
The day of worship for Jews
A. Friday
B. Saturday
C. Sunday
D. Wednesday
Question Number 4
Which spiritual activity happens in all religions?
A. Worship
B. Music
C. Dancing
D. Offering
Question Number 5
The sacred text used by the christians is referred to as the:
A. Bible
B. Torah
C. Quran
D. TeNaKh
Question Number 6
Christianity is based on the teachings of:
A. Muhammad
B. Moses
C. Jesus
D. Abraham