NBA Quiz
Question Number 1
Which of these players put 100 points in a game?
A. Brian Scalabrine
B. Julius Erving
C. Larry Bird
D. Wilt Chamberlain
E. Derrick Rose
Question Number 2
Which of these players put 81 points vs Toronto Raptors
A. Robert Horry
B. Smush Parker
C. Lamar Odom
D. Chris Mihm
E. Kobe Bryant
Question Number 3
In 2014, Which player put 62 points vs Charlotte Bobcats
A. Tyson Chandler
B. Raymond Felton
C. Carmelo Anthony
D. Pablo Prigioni
E. Mike Woodson
Question Number 4
Are You Ready To Go Hard Now?
A. Yes
B. Not Sure??
C. No
Question Number 5
In 1992, The USA basket-ball national team aka The Dream, had one rookie from college, who was he?
A. Clyde Drexler
B. Joe Dumars
C. Christian Laettner
D. Dennis Rodman
E. Shawn Kemp
Question Number 6
Which of these players are canadian?
A. Randy Moss
B. Deion Sanders
C. Carlos Delfino
D. Carl English
E. Jay Triano
Question Number 7
What's the name of Goran Dragic's brother?
A. Timo
B. Darko
C. Roran
D. Florence
E. Zoran
Question Number 8
How many rings did Phil Jackson have right now??
A. 13
B. 21
C. 0
D. 7
E. 2
Question Number 9
Am I Going To Easy for You??
A. Yes
B. No
Question Number 10
Kevin Garnett won a championship but with which team?
A. Minnesota T'Wolves
B. Memphis Grizzilies
C. Atlanta Hawks
D. Boston Celtics
E. Houston Rockets
Question Number 11
Which College did Jeremy Lin went?
A. Florida Gators
B. North Carolina
C. Duke University
D. Harvard
E. Ole Miss
Question Number 12
Which owner got banned from NBA
A. Danny Ferry
B. Donald Sterling
C. Jeanie Buss
D. Dan Gilbert
E. Mark Cuban
Question Number 13
Who's the new head coach for the Brooklyn Nets right now?
A. Lionel Hollins
B. Lawrence Frank
C. Jeff Van Gundy
D. Derek Fisher
E. Terry Stotts
Question Number 14
Which of these following players got traded to Minnesota for Kevin Love
A. Rajan Rondo
B. Alonzo Gee
C. Matthew Delladova
D. Sergey Karasev
E. Anthony Bennett
Question Number 15
Who said and i quote ''F$$k Brooklyn" in the playoff?
A. Drake
B. Tim Leiweke
C. Masai Ujuri
D. Jason Kidd
E. Kyle Lowry