ashanti's quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
What are useful materials from the earth's crust?
A. water
B. resources
C. renewable
D. erosion
E. non-renewable
F. nature
Question Number 2
What is the protective layer of the atmosphere?
A. resources
B. water
C. renewable
D. nature
E. ozone
F. recycle
Question Number 3
What is the careful use of natural resources called?
A. conservation
B. impurities
C. oxygen
D. carbon dioxide
E. reuse
F. habitat
Question Number 4
Natural resources are those created by .
A. renewable
B. habitat
C. minerals
D. alumina
E. compost
F. nature
Question Number 5
The people of a country are called resources.
A. alumina
B. natural
C. renewable
D. oxygen
E. ozone
F. reduce
Question Number 6
resources can continuously replace themselves if carefully managed.
A. non-renewable
B. deforestation
C. renewable
D. conservation
E. erosion
F. greenhouse effect
Question Number 7
Resources that cannot be replaced after being used are called ................ resources.
A. non-renewable
B. water
C. limestone
D. reduce
E. alumina
F. nature
Question Number 8
Gold,silver,soil and gravel,are examples of .................. resources.
A. minerals
B. habitat
C. reuse
D. carbon dioxide
E. deforesttation
F. none of the above
Question Number 9
...... is one of earth's most important natural resources.
A. water
B. nature
C. deforestation
D. erosion
E. minerals
F. oxygen
Question Number 10
Sandstone filters most of the .................... from ground water.
A. limestone
B. oxyen
C. impurities
D. greenhouse effect
E. deforestation
F. alumina
Question Number 11
Forests and trees are valuable ............ resources.
A. pesticide
B. deforestation
C. minerals
D. natural
E. erosion
F. compost
Question Number 12
Trees protect the land from .............
A. erosion
B. alumina
C. compost
D. limestone
E. county
F. cornwall
Question Number 13
........... is necessary for life in living things and supports combustion
A. combustion
B. non-renewable
C. soil erosion
D. oxygen
E. carbon dioxide
F. all of the above