Shannalee quiz team Quiz
Question Number 1
what is the center of the solar system call
A. sun
B. moon
C. stars
Question Number 2
into how many layers is the eye divided
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Question Number 3
the coloured part of the eye is the
A. iris
B. pupil
C. cornea
D. scerla
Question Number 4
the first part of the ear that picks up sound is
A. the pinna
B. the eardrum
C. the ear passage
D. the hammer
Question Number 5
the part of the ear shape some what like a snail shell is situated in the
A. inner ear
B. middle ear
C. outer ear
D. ear canal
Question Number 6
which part if the ear vibrates first
A. nerve
B. inner ear
C. ear drum
D. tiny bones
Question Number 7
the central part of the inner ear is the
A. cochlea
B. auditory nerve
C. oval window
D. semi circular canal
Question Number 8
in what part of the ear are the ossicles located
A. outer ear
B. middle ear
C. inner ear
D. anvil
Question Number 9
for vibration to reach the ear drum they pass through
A. middle ear
B. auditory canal
C. auditory nerve
D. inner ear
Question Number 10
what instrument is use to examine the ear
A. stethoscope
B. microscope
C. otoscope
D. telescope