sport quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
In which sport was Muhammad Ali world champion?
A. Hockey
B. Soccer
C. Baseball
D. Boxing
E. Cricket
F. Basketball
Question Number 2
What sport is mostly played at Wimbledon?
A. Baseball
B. Soccer
C. Lawn tennis
D. Badmiton
E. Volleyball
F. Football
Question Number 3
In which city were the 2000 Summer Olympic games held?
A. Paris
B. Sydney
C. London
D. Toronto
E. Quebec city
F. Vanouver
Question Number 4
What Country is the Soccer player Wayne Rooney come from?
A. France
B. Turkey
C. England
D. Pakisan
E. Canada
F. Trinidad
Question Number 5
In what Country were the 2010 winter Olympic games held?
A. Canada
B. Argentina
C. Belgium
D. China
E. Denmark
F. Egypt
Question Number 6
What sport do the Los Angeles Lakers play?
A. Baseball
B. Golf
C. Soccer
D. Hockey
E. Lawn Tennis
F. Baketball
Question Number 7
The French Tennis Open is played on what kind of surface?
A. Wood
B. Clay
C. Metal
Question Number 8
How many bases are there on a baseball field?
A. 3
B. 6
C. 2
D. 5
E. 4
F. 1
Question Number 9
A typical golf course features how many holes?
A. 16
B. 13
C. 18
D. 11
E. 19
F. 12
Question Number 10
True or false? Basketball is played with a square ball.
A. False
B. True