geography quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
Name the highest mountain peak of Australia ?
A. Mt.Johnson
B. Mt.Eyre
C. Mt.Kosciuszko
D. Mt.Kimberley
E. Mt.Musgrave
F. Mt.Hamersley
Question Number 2
Name the special feauture of Australia air transport.
A. Royal Flying Doctor Service
B. Royal Doctor Flying Service
Question Number 3
Name the natives of New Zealand
A. Aborigines
B. Maoris
C. Jaravas
D. Congos
Question Number 4
Name the highest peak of India
A. Mt.Everest
B. Mt.k2
C. Mt.Kachenjunga
D. Vindhyas
Question Number 5
Name the 3rd largest peak of the world .
A. Mount k2
B. Mount Cook
C. Mount Kanchenjunga
D. Mount Karokaram
Question Number 6
Fill in the blank. ________ is the most populated country of the world
A. India
B. South Africa
C. Russia
D. China
Question Number 7
Which is the busiest airport of the world ? ( approx. 10,000.000 people arrive and depart from there )
A. Shanghai ( China )
B. Atlanta ( USA )
C. Mumbai ( India )
D. Beiging ( China )
Question Number 8
Name the continent where Gold is found in abundance and also it is the largest producet of this metal
A. Oceania ( Australia )
B. Asia
C. Africa
D. North America
Question Number 9
Which organisation has got the Nobel Prize for work on environmental work
Question Number 10
Name the country where sushi is the native food
A. China
B. Japan
C. Hong Kong
D. Malaysia