Senior Computer Club Quiz
Question Number 1
What is a CPU?
A. Central Processing Unit
B. Central Programming Unit
C. None
Question Number 2
Another name for a screen is...
A. Computer
B. Monitor
C. Box
D. Printer
Question Number 3
The blue W icon stands for ...
A. Windows
B. Whizz!
C. Microsoft Word
D. Excel
Question Number 4
The green X on the computer stands for...
A. Exit
B. Microsoft Excel
C. Enter
D. Log off
Question Number 5
The Clipart button in MS Powerpoint looks like a...
A. Mountain
B. A big A
C. The sun
D. Little man
Question Number 6
The "Print Screen" button on your keyboard is to...
A. Make a copy of your screen
B. Print on the printer
C. Log off
Question Number 7
After you push the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard, you must...
A. Copy your work
B. Go to a website
C. Don't do anything
D. Paste the work in a document
Question Number 8
Ctrl and X together on your keyboard, is to...
A. Cut
B. Copy
C. Undo
D. Repeat
Question Number 9
Ctrl and C together, is to ...
A. Paste
B. Copy
C. Undo
D. Repeat
Question Number 10
A smiley face autoshape can be changed to a sad face by clicking on the ...
A. green circle
B. white circle
C. yellow diamond
D. edit
Question Number 11
When one shuts down a computer it...
A. sleeps
B. crashes
C. switches on
D. freezes
E. switches off
Question Number 12
To close a program, you click on the ...
A. Bottom cross on the top right corner
B. Top cross on the top right corner
C. Bottom cross on the bottom left corner
Question Number 13
The section with numbers on the far right side of your keyboard is called...
A. number pad
B. numeric keyboard
C. numeric keys
D. Num lock
E. numbers keys
Question Number 14
An icon is...
A. a graphic
B. a picture
C. a graphic representing a program
D. none of the above
Question Number 15
A bullet in Microsoft Word is....
A. a number
B. a graphic
C. a cell
D. a dot