Brain champion Quiz
Question Number 1
What is 100,00010
A. 110,00
B. 1887
C. 62
D. 100,000,000
Question Number 2
Can you guest this what is the number for grade 5 and 6 math calls
A. Algebra
B. Subtraction
C. Division
D. Plus
Question Number 3
Hmm,do you want to be smart?
A. No
B. Yes
C. I want to be smarter!!!
Question Number 4
Ok what is 1010?
A. 1000
B. 100
C. 100,000,000
Question Number 5
Next,what is the word plus mean
A. It means to take out
B. It means to add nummbers
Question Number 6
In minecraft they say 2+2= f what is f stand for
A. Fish
B. Fat
C. Bimbo
D. Carrot
Question Number 7
What do you think is the answer you have to know ? Its anything ill give a hint my bra
A. I want to be smarter in test
B. I love maths
C. I love to studie
D. I want my brain to excersice
Question Number 8
What is alge stand for?
A. Aliaic
B. Alex
C. Algebra