Mathematics Quiz
Question Number 1
If there are 137 trees in a row and there are 23 rows how many trees are there?
A. 3151
B. 3212
C. 2161
Question Number 2
If the area of a rectangle is 132m and one side is 12m what is the length of the other?
A. 8m
B. 12m
C. 11m
Question Number 3
If one edge of a cube is 9.5m what is its volume?
A. 932.487m
B. 857.375m
C. 752.312m
Question Number 4
Convert 10cm to metres
A. 10m
B. 0.10m
C. 20m
Question Number 5
What is 753.25 added with 160.15 rounded to the nearest whole number
A. 913.40
B. 922.40
C. 913