science quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
what is the female part of the flower called
A. pistil-carpel
B. stamen
C. filament
D. flower
E. bud
F. fruit
Question Number 2
how many sections does the ear have
A. 1
B. 2
C. 5
D. 3
E. 6
F. 9
Question Number 3
what is another name for the pinna
A. semicircular canal
B. auricle
C. cochles
D. waves
Question Number 4
what of these is not apart of the hearing process
A. semicircular canal
B. pinna
C. auricl
D. nerves
Question Number 5
what is the part of a plant called that grows underground
A. shoot
B. root
C. fruit
D. bud
Question Number 6
what is the part of the flower which grows above the soil
A. root
B. fruit
C. bud
D. shoot
Question Number 7
what is the part of a mango which we eat called
A. fruit
B. bud
C. root
D. leaf
Question Number 8
what is the green pigment in the leaves called
A. colouring
B. storage
C. chlorophyll
D. food