Skateboarding quiz. Quiz
Question Number 1
who is the best street skater alive today?
A. Daewon Song
B. Rob Dyrdeck
C. Tony Hawk
D. Bucky Lasek
E. Rodney Mullen
F. Geof Rowley
Question Number 2
What is the best street team in the world?
A. World Industries
B. Baker
C. Flip
D. Dragon
E. Element
Question Number 3
If you would be pro. What is the best sponser to get, if you want all their stuff?
A. Element
B. Baker
C. World Industries
Question Number 4
If you can kickflip, what do you do to "flip" it?
A. kick it up
B. flick the nose
C. roll your ankle
D. push your foot down, and quickly bring it back up
Question Number 5
What kind of skating is most popular?
C. street
D. vert
E. freestyle