Biology Quiz
Question Number 1
What structure is common to all five kingdoms of living organisms?
B. Nucleus
C. Cell wall
D. Mitochondria
Question Number 2
Which of these is responsible for the "rough" appearance of endoplasmic reticulum?
B. Enzymes
C. Lysosomes
D. Ribosomes
Question Number 3
What repackages proteins into forms the cell can use, expel, or keep stored?
A. Mitochondria
B. Lysosomes
C. Centrioles
D. Golgi Bodies
Question Number 4
The process of DNA replication is necessary before a cell-
A. modifies lysosomal enzymes
B. divides into two new cells
C. codes for RNA molecules
D. makes a protein
Question Number 5
The processes of meiosis and fertilization help ensure the survival of the species by providing each generation with the same number of-
A. gaetes
B. body cells
C. offspring
D. chromosomes
Question Number 6
which of the following phases is the first step mitosis?
A. Anaphase
B. Metaphase
C. Telophase
D. Prophase
Question Number 7
In plants, gymnosperms have Cones and angiosperms have Flowers. Both of these plant structures are specialized for-
A. Food production
B. photosynthesis
C. water absorption
D. sexual reproduction
E. A and D
F. B and D
Question Number 8
Some unicellular organisms are motile (have the ability to move) and some are nonmotile. Which cellular structures are associated with movement.
A. vacuoles
B. flagella
C. ribosomes
D. chloroplasts
Question Number 9
Which characteristic of a prokaryotic organisms makes them different from eukaryotes?
A. prokaryotes have DNA
B. prokaryotes are made of cells
C. prokaryotes do not have chromosomes
D. prokaryotic cells do not have membrane-bound organelles.