Safety and First Aid Quiz
Question Number 1
The emergency care given to a person who is injured or suddenly becomes ill
A. Survival Aid
B. Emergency Aid
C. First Aid
D. Urgency Aid
Question Number 2
What is our calf muscle?
A. hamstrings
B. biceps
C. quadriceps
D. gastrocnemius
E. calfillarenimius
Question Number 3
This is caused by the scraping of the epidermis
A. abrasion
B. incision
C. concussion
D. contusion
Question Number 4
the meaning of letter C in first aid A-B-C's
A. cardiovascular failure
B. circulatory failure
C. carefulness
D. colon failure
Question Number 5
The meaning of letter R in the word Rice
A. receptor
B. rest
C. radius
D. respiratory
Question Number 6
the result of a stretched or torn ligament
A. sprain
B. strain
C. fracture
D. dislocation