brats the movie Quiz
Question Number 1
1. What grade is the four girls going into?
A. 9
B. 12
C. 6
D. college
Question Number 2
2. What are the other two names of the four girls other than Jade, and Sasha?
A. Martina and Lola
B. Courtney and Abby
C. Zoe and Cloe
D. Cloe and Yasmin
Question Number 3
What is the mean girls name?
A. Subrina
B. Kacy
C. Marideth
D. Margee
Question Number 4
4. What is Cloe's favorite sport or hobby?
A. football
B. soccer
C. singing
D. band
Question Number 5
What does Marideth have or do to keep the clicks controlled?
A. Planned a circus
B. Had a barbacue
C. Rehad a sweet-sixteen
D. Made a foot stool
Question Number 6
6. True or false? Marideth gets the scholarchip but loses the talent show.
A. False
B. True