Question Number 1
What job does Jonas' father hold?
A. farmer
B. nurturer
C. birthmother
D. doctor
E. the new reciever
Question Number 2
What is Jonas' sisters name in the book?
A. Bella
B. Donut
C. Rae
D. Lily
E. Sara
Question Number 3
What is Jonas' best friends name?
A. Asher
B. Joe
C. Bob
D. Jonas
E. Roi
Question Number 4
Why doesnt Jonas' mother want Lily to be a birthmother?
A. Because they arent honored in their community.
B. Because they are worthless.
C. Because they are lazy
D. Because they hate children
E. Because thats what she is.
Question Number 5
What do girls have to wear until they are age 9
A. skirts
B. jackets
C. bracelets
D. necklaces
E. ribbons
Question Number 6
What is jonas' first memory and color?
A. blue sledding in the snow
B. red sunburn
C. red sledding in the soft snow
D. purple war
E. green family and love