Buffalo Sabres Quiz
Question Number 1
Pat Lafontaine was selected 1st round 3rd overall by Buffalo True or False
A. True
B. False
Question Number 2
Gilbert Perreault was selected 1st overall in the 1970 NHL draft by who
A. Boston Bruins
B. New Jersey Devils
C. Buffalo Sabres
D. San Jose Sharks
Question Number 3
Alexander Mogilny was a great goal scorer. How many goals did he record?
A. 52
B. 48
C. 64
D. 92
E. 76
F. 39
Question Number 4
The Famed "French Connection" was made up of who?
A. Gilbert Perreault,Danny Gare,Larry Playfair
B. Danny Gare,Patrick Kaleta,Patrick Kane
C. Ryan Miller,Brian Campbell,Danny Briere
D. Gilbert Perreault,Rene Robert,Rick Martin
Question Number 5
Patrick Kaleta The Buffalo Boy scored hi first NHL goal against
A. Florida Panthers
B. Detroit Red Wings
C. Carolina Hurricanes
D. New Jersey Devils