Hockey quiz Quiz
Question Number 1
The Jack Adams award is given to:
A. Top Coach
B. Team with most wins
C. Most gentlemanly player
D. Player with most points
Question Number 2
The Vezina trophey is awarded to:
A. The top Goaltender
B. The top Rookie
C. A Mexican
D. Best judged Player
Question Number 3
The Hart trphey is awarded to:
A. A Mexican
B. Top Defencmen
C. Top Foreward
D. Top Goalie
E. Best Judged Player
Question Number 4
The Calder Trophey is awarded to:
A. Player with most assists
B. Player with most Goals
C. Top Rookie
D. Top Coach
E. You
Question Number 5
The Frank Selke trophey is awarded to:
A. Top Coach
B. Top Defensmen
C. Player With most Hits
D. Top Rookie
Question Number 6
What Team has the most Stanley Cups.
A. Toronto Maple Leafs
B. Detroit Red Wings
C. Chicago Blackhawks
D. Montreal Canadiens
E. Boston Bruins
F. New York Rangers