skateboarding Quiz
Question Number 1
who is the boss on baker
A. jeff lenoce
B. erik ellington
C. adrew rynolds
D. terry kennedy
E. dustin dollin
F. bryan herman
Question Number 2
whos on girl.
A. ali boulala
B. jerry hsu
C. mike vellely
D. guy mariono
E. tony hawk
F. jeff lenoce
Question Number 3
how many kids does tony hawk have
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6
E. 7
F. 8
Question Number 4
how long is fully flared
A. 20 mins
B. 30 mins
C. 60 mins
D. 90 mins
E. 120 mins
F. 150 mins
Question Number 5
in dawon song part 3 what song is played
A. band of horses the funrel
B. the killers all these thing that ive done
C. wolf mother joker and the thief
D. oasis dont look back in anger
E. foofighters learn to fly
F. nirvana team sperit