How much do you like the book Inkheart? Quiz
Question Number 1
Who does Farid have a crush on?
A. Himself
B. Meggie
C. Roxanne
D. Resa
E. Brianna
F. no one
Question Number 2
Who read Farid out of his story?
A. Meggie
B. Resa
C. Fenoglio
D. Mo
E. Resa
F. DustFinger
Question Number 3
When does Farid finally kiss Meggie?
A. In Inkheart
B. In Inkspell
C. In Inkdeath
D. he never does
Question Number 4
Who is DustFingers wife?
A. Roxanne
B. Resa
C. Elinor
Question Number 5
Who is DustFingers oldest daughter?
A. Meggie
B. Resa
C. Brianna