Twilight - Book 1 Quiz
Question Number 1
What is Bella's ull name?
A. Bella Swan
B. Bella Cullen
C. Isabellla Swan
D. Isabella Webber
E. Isabella Marie Swan
F. Isabella Rachel Swan
Question Number 2
What is Edward's full name?
A. Edward Cullen
B. Edward Anthony Cullen
C. Edward Jason Cullen
D. Edward Henry Cullen
E. Edward Anthony Mason Cullen
F. Edward Swan
Question Number 3
When is Bella's birthday
A. July 14
B. February 11
C. September 13
D. October 17
E. August 12
F. March 20
Question Number 4
When is Edward's birthday? (human)
A. July 31 1917
B. June 20, 1901
C. August 17, 1901
D. January 11, 1917
E. June 20, 1987
F. I have no idea
Question Number 5
Who are the three evil Vampires
A. Jacob, Larent, James
B. Jacob Victoria James
C. Victoria James Larent
D. Edward Bella Alice
E. Jasper Carlisle Emes
F. Who?