Twilight 1 Quiz
Question Number 1
What is Bella's Full name?
A. Bella Swan
B. Bella Cullen
C. Isabella Swan
D. Isabella Marie Swan
E. Isabella Jessica Swan
Question Number 2
What is Edwards full name?
A. Edward Cullen
B. Edward Swan
C. Edward Mason
D. Edward Robert Mason Cullen
E. Edward Jason Cullen
F. Edward Anthony Mason Cullen
Question Number 3
When was Bella born?
A. April 12, 1988
B. October 17, 1987
C. September 13, 1987
D. November 13, 1901
E. June 12, 1985
Question Number 4
When was Edward born? (human b-day)
A. June 20, 1901
B. June 12,1917
C. August 18, 1987
D. September 13, 1885
E. January 26, 1890
Question Number 5
Who are the three evil vampires?
A. James Laurent Jasper
B. Laurent Victoria James
C. Jason Victoria Laurent
D. Jacob Victoria Andrew
E. Carlisle Emmette Jasper
Question Number 6
Who is in the Cullen Family?
A. Carlisle Esme Jasper Laurent Bella Rosalie Emmette
B. Edward Emmette Jasper Charlie Esme Alice
C. Edward Emmette Jasper Carlisle Esme Alice Rosalie
D. Larent Victoria James Edward
E. Aro Caius Jane Edward Mike Jacob
Question Number 7
Who is Bella's dad?
A. Jacob
B. Billy
C. Carlisle
D. Edward
E. Robert
F. Charlie
Question Number 8
Who is Edward's dad?
A. Charlie
B. Carlisle
C. Emmette
D. Anthony
E. Jason
Question Number 9
In Bella's dream what is Jacob
A. Vampire
B. Fairy
C. Werewolf
D. Witch
E. Wizard
F. Camel
Question Number 10
Who bites Bella?
A. Laurent
B. Victoria
C. Edward
D. James
E. Jasper
F. Carlisle
Question Number 11
Why can't Edward go to the beach
A. He thinks its too cold
B. He doesn't want to break the treaty
C. He thinks it will be too sunny
D. Since when do vampires like the beach?
E. I have no clue
F. he does go to the beach
Question Number 12
How does Edward save Bella when she is bitten?
A. he cuts off her arm
B. he sucks out the vemon
C. he has anti-vemon and gives it to her
D. she turns into a vampire
E. it just goesn't matter because she already is a vampire
Question Number 13
Where does the evil vampire lure Bella to kill her?
A. High School
B. Bus Station
C. Ballet Studio
D. Airport
E. Her mother's house
F. her father's house
Question Number 14
What was the cover up story for Bellas being away for three days?
A. She fell out of a car
B. When she visited Edward she fell down stairs and through a window
C. She just fell through a window
D. Being Bella she tripped
E. She got ran over by a car
Question Number 15
At the end of the story where is Edward Taking Bella when she is so dressed up?
A. She is being turned into a vampire and wants to look fancy
B. They are getting married
C. They are going to prom
D. They are going to the spring dance
E. They are going to have a night in Port Angelos
Question Number 16
How does Bella realize Edward (and the rest of the Cullens) are vampires?
A. Jasper tells her
B. She goes and asks Emmette and he tells her everything
C. They all tell her
D. She looks it up in a book
E. She flirts with jacob and he tells her