The Easter Rising Quiz
Question Number 1
Who were the leader of the Irish Citizen Army?
A. Patrick Pearse
B. Eoin MacNeill
C. James Connolly
Question Number 2
What is the phrase that Patrick Pearse said?
A. Englands dificulty is Irelands Oppurtunity
B. The Irish People Do Not Want One
C. The Rising is a Waste of Time.
D. We will be Greatly Out Numbered By The British
Question Number 3
Who recieved a forged letter from Dublin Castle?
A. James Connolly
B. Patrick Pearse
C. Joseph Plunkett
D. Eoin MacNeill
Question Number 4
What is Sackville Street now known as?
A. Connolly Avenue
B. O'Connell Street
C. Sacville Street
Question Number 5
What was the name of the German ship?
A. German Pavillion
B. Titanic
C. The Aud